One of Us

A poetic short film made by Nynke Laverman, Douwe Dijkstra and Sytze Pruiksma

Commissioned Lân fan Taal, part of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe 2018.

Do we still speak the language of nature, or have we retreated so far into our human world that we no longer understand it? This question, which was also the core of Wachter, Nynke Lavermans’ last performance, is the point of departure of the film.

‘Nature. I wish I could enjoy it, but I don’t speak the language.(Theodor Holman)

A young woman who appears to have it all, namely a life in the big city with a good job and a kind partner, is nevertheless unhappy. She feels less and less at home in her world of people and walls, and dreams of being a plant.

Nynke Laverman wrote the surreal script, consisting of five spoken word pieces in Frisian, and it marks a new step in her work. She asked poet Eduard Escoffet from Barcelona to respond in Catalan, his native language. The work of Douwe Dijkstra combines film, animation and visual effects. He has received awards from around the globe for his films, including Green Screen Gringo from 2016. He worked with Serbian dancer Dunja Jocic and Flemish actor Hendrik Aerts on One of Us. Sytze Pruiksma was responsible for the driving musical score.

Read the lyrics (with English translations) here!

The songs 'Betonblom' (Flower of Concrete) and 'De Dream' (The Dream) are available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

The film was screened from July 27 until September 30 at the Oldehove, the well-known leaning tower in Leeuwarden, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.


Nynke Laverman
The Independent described Nynke Laverman’s delivery as being ‘A leaf-blown shimmer of a voice’. In 2003, she conquered the Netherlands with her Frisian Fado. Her music is characterised by her completely unique voice which fuses melancholy, poetry and the Frisian language. She gets her inspiration from various corners of the globe, and was awarded an Edison for the album Nomade, which came about after she journeyed to Mongolia. In Madrid, she worked with the famous producer Javier Limón, which resulted in the album Alter (2013) and was her stepping stone to the international stage. Her album Wachter came out in 2016. This fall, the accompanying performance will resume.

Douwe Dijkstra
Douwe Dijkstra graduated in Illustration Design in 2005 from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. His work combines film, animation and visual effects, and is characterised by its visuality, humour and social engagement. In 2014, he made Démontable, a video installation and short film, which was followed by the short documentaries Voor Film in 2015 and Green Screen Gringo in 2016. His films are shown all over the world and have won many awards at film festivals including Clermont Ferrand, Glasgow, Seoul, Berlin and Sapporo. As a member of Collective 33 1/3, he collaborates with Jules van Hulst in theatre and video fusion, and has worked with Rosa Ensemble and Ensemble Intercontemporain among others.

Sytze Pruiksma
This quirky drummer and composer is inspired by landscapes, nature and birds. After studying at the conservatory, he played as a classical percussionist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble before going on to participate in various theatre productions by Tryater, Peergroup and Orkater. Working with Professor Theunis Piersma, who lectures in migratory bird ecology, he made two musical lectures: Music of Migration (2009) and Tracks (2017). In July 2018 Conference of the Birds premiered, a major location performance that Sytze developed together with NNT/Club Guy & Roni for Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018. He has been collaborating with Nynke since 2003.

Eduard Escoffet
This Catalan poet and cultural agitator from Barcelona explores various facets of poetry, but his greatest interest and focus is on ‘sound poetry’ and presentations. He has founded a number of platforms and projects in Barcelona, and was co-director of Proposta from 2000 to 2004, a festival of sound poetry and contemporary poetry in the city. He has published several collections of poetry, helped write drama scripts, and released two albums with his band, Bradien. In addition to his involvement in Barcelonan alternative culture, ​​he travels around the world to perform at poetry festivals and events.


Serbian-Dutch choreographer/dancer Dunja Jocic and Flemish actor/director Hendrik Aerts play the leading roles in One of Us. Dunja Jocic has danced at Club Guy and Roni, Ballet du Nord (France) and Emio Greco | PC, among others. She developed her first choreography in 2007, and also produces films. Aerts has been a permanent member of the NNT since 2017 as an actor and a director.